On the Correlation of Center and Periphery

Global Humanities. Studies in Histories, Cultures, and Societies 01/2015

The analysis of the relationship between center and periphery is one of many theoretical approaches found in all fields of the Humanities. We therefore found it to be a suitable topic for the initial issue of the journal. Looking at this special relationship from several disciplinary perspectives is an effective methodology for establishing connections between various fields of study. Consequently the issue contains articles dealing with literature, movies, and other research approaches of the humanities. The historical perspective of cultural reception, the economic relationship between central and peripheral areas as well as the development of stereotypes as a consequence of the exchange between both areas are also part of the discussion.

The first issue of Global Humanities will therefore provide a broad outlook on the periphery-center relationship, giving the interested reader an insight into the different working fields of several disciplines within the Humanities. It furthermore can be considered an argument for strengthening interdisciplinary work in the future, highlighting the interconnectedness of history, literature, art, politics and many other disciplines.


With contributions by Liony Bauer, De-Valera N. Y. M. Botchway, Julia Brühne, Cathrin Cronjäger, Solveig Lena Hansen, Julia Harnoncourt, Henner Kropp, Ingo Löppenberg, Dina Mansour, Christoph Mohamad-Klotzbach, Oliver Schlenkrich, Jeffrey Shaw, Evangelidis Vasileios, and Kyle J. Wanberg.


Table of Contents & Editorial


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